47 Orbits

Yesterday marked the day I completed my 47th orbit around the sun.

First orbit without my Nanay, who used to be the first person who would greet me even as early as April 1. She has earned her wings now. And I miss her.

Still, life without her is like being a kite without a tether, without a connection to the earth. And maybe I had been drifting ever since she’d been gone, catching any stray breeze or a gust of wind to slap me heavenwards or bring me to my next mission.

I was not brought up with the value of making plans. That was something I had to consciously learn. Being OC used to be a pleasurable compulsion because it decreased the likelihood of random extraneous variables and their effect on my objectives. Yet being OC stressed me out so I swung to the opposite extreme and decided to be more spontaneous and accommodating rather than assimilative.

I was happier being aimless. Yep, that’s my confession.

And my best sketches were made from seemingly tentative marks that took a walk and somehow found their way.

This orbit without my Nanay has led me to this very challenging and exciting job, led me to the gifted and dedicated people I work with every day, led me to discovering new things.

At 47, i can still stretch myself and envision in the horizon a version of myself far more formidable and capable than at present.

I hope what I see becomes real.

I hope, despite all that had transpired, I am still guided and led.

Yesterday was spent at work supervising a photoshoot. Not really my choice on how to spend my birthday but didn’t I say untethered kites catch whatever breeze slaps them upward?

Yesterday I received an overwhelming number of birthday greetings through social media, through text, and phone calls. Thank you all.

I hope to see you all soon and give each of you a hug. And I promise not to make waste of your warm wishes and good intentions.

I love you all.

And I am still in cloud nine that Greg Louganis, one of my life heroes, greeted me on my birthday. Namaste, Greg, and thank you.

I love you all.

47 is a prime number. Here is to my prime year.



With Aldrin during the photoshoot. Sino kamukha niya?


Interesting effect with the mirrored light fixture at Nostalg Ballroom.