Sleeping Ferocious

The Fierce One Sleeps

Copyright © 2011 by J. Torres Badelles
Digital illustration




One thing I learned in the cutthroat corporate world is that you always have to cover your ass.

If there is nobody there to watch your back or to cover for you when fingers start pointing once the proverbial shit hits the proverbial ceiling fan, the shit will hit you in the face.

One way you can protect yourself is by time-stamping every document you receive, send out, fax and route through the labyrinthine bureaucracy within the Borg Collective.

Hey, when you are not around to say when you received/finished/sent out Document A, they can always say they gave it to you weeks before when in truth they only gave it yesterday.

And you have the signed and date-stamped receiving document to prove it.

Title: Date-Stamp Drawing of a Cylinder
Medium: Ink on paper
Date: Sept. 23, 2011
Copyright © 2011 by J. TORRES BADELLES

Crispin, the Prodigal Cat


Four months old and abandoned in the streets of Mandaluyong, he came back to the place where he was born. How he found his way home after two weeks will forever remain a mystery to me.

Because of his tenacity, I decided to keep him for myself.

illustration done on Adobe Ideas for the iPad
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2011 J. Torres Badelles