The Pugmobile, a.k.a. Stitch’s Wheelchair





My mother, Nicanora Torres Badelles passed away last October 2 after her condition worsened brought on by complications from her stroke of January 2009. I thought I was prepared.

I feel like a kite. I can’t reach the sky anymore because my tether to the earth is gone.

We never are prepared for a death of a parent.

My kite is falling aimlessly as it slices the air in a zigzag motion back to the ground.

This is one of the aimless projects I had been working on for the past few days after my family buried my mother.

Stitch my 8.75 year old pug is slowly losing the use of his hind paws. Sometimes he drags his behind while his strong front paws crawl forward to follow me.

I remember when he used to run circles around me.

He hasn’t ran circles yet with this one but at less than 1.5 kilos, the Pugmobile could make Stitch a speeding doglet. Constructed from PVC pipes, recycled straps from old bags, velcro, and garter strings, with the wheels and velcro straps as the only parts I purchased, it cost me less than 1500 pesos to make.

Today we will visit our favorite Jesuit.

How to draw an ELEPHANT, simplified

This will come in handy when you need to make a quick drawing of an elephant during a game of Pictionary with your friends.

How to Draw an Elephant by J. Torres Badelles

First you draw a number 6 or 9 that is lying down. Do not close the loop.

Notice that the loop is not closed. Make the loop as fat as possible
Instead of closing the loop, you make it go to the end of the "tail" of the number 6 or 9. Notice the funny looking end.
Add the big ear that looks like a big letter C.

Then the eyes, tusk, and the legs.

The huge nails and tail.

Clean up! Erase the marks you no longer need.

Add color and other details if you like.

Try other poses to make the elephant come alive!

Have fun with your elephants! Make them play with the rats!  You already know how to draw a rat, don’t you?