Sumi the Cat

Sumi is my 8-month old female Himalayan mix. After dinner she usually looks out the window where she could see the insects attracted by the lightbulb outside. Tonight, however, she spied a house lizard by the kitchen sink.

The lizard usually takes advantage of when I get lazy to wash the dishes immediately, leaving them to soak overnight at the sink with perhaps some morsels for the tiny reptile to feast on.

Sumi discovers the diminutive godzilla and waits frozen like a Greek after seeing Medusa, giving me just enough time (perhaps 15 minutes I think) to make this quick sketch using the Brushes App on the iPad.

One of the differences between the Brushes App and the Sketchbook Pro App is that the former records a frame by frame video of your drawing. Once you are done, you can view how you did it, much like watching one of those sped-up drawing clips on youtube. Nakakaaliw actually.