The Voices of the Day

At the office, our camaraderie is such that we are very candid with each other.

A colleague told me something I already knew about myself: that my mood changes throughout the day. I am more quiet and more serious in the afternoon. But I never really dwelled on it. I didn’t think anyone actually noticed.

In truth, I am not a morning person. No I am not cranky in the mornings. In fact, I am more extroverted in my actions ante meridien. I think I wired my brain during my high school years (specifically junior and senior year) to have full neural pathways engaged in the latter part of the day.

I am not so bright when the sun rises as compared to when the sun sets.

My colleague noticed that I do more of my heavy-brain work such as planning, reviewing and learning in the afternoons. In addition to his comment, I am more inclined to reserving houra for creative work after the sun has set.

I am more easily distracted in the morning, less able to shut out the rest of the world when I need to concentrate. I hear everyone talking. And I feel the need to contribute to their conversation. Siempre I am in Public Relations. I have to sniff out gossip and hearsay and just tag it as unconfirmed information while I search for and distill useful and relevant news. A caveat, though: my wit usually comes out once the sun has reached its zenith, never before. So I minimize morning sosyalan. Because nothing witty and sparkling can come from me before noontime. But, of course! Yes! I can smile and say hello. And then if I can help it, will make a graceful exit.

In the afternoons, I am more able to focus and concentrate; better able to listen to my inner drum and the other voices in my head as I ruminate on strategies and initiatives and as I play with creative ideas for future projects. I also do my press release drafts (10 minutes at 4 pm compared to 90 minutes staring at the cursor at 10 am), and draft and refine my reports.

In a nutshell? During mornings I hear and listen to the voices of the world around me and the messages they bear. In the afternoon, I hear myself. During evenings sometimes until way past midnight, I hear my spirit. Of course I pay attention.

That is my rhythm of the voices of the day. What is yours?


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