The Importance of Being Thorough

When I was a Freshman in ADMU, our English professor, Eric Torres, pounded in our brains the ethic that the key to good writing is good self-editing. In publishing, this quality is assured by an editorial team that includes a researcher, a content editor, a style editor, and an art director. Often, this team also has a pool of proofreaders that go over manuscripts, galleys, and so on before something goes to print. That was in the early 80s, when editors and proofreaders know and use standard proofreaders’ marks.

Back then, E.T., as he was fondly called, dared us to find typographical errors in the newsmagazines of TIME and NEWSWEEK, whose editorial teams were formidable. If we found typos, we get plus points. Or was it an "A" in our next essay?

The Professor’s point in this was that in all that we do, we have to be thorough. Because being thorough separates the Pros from the Amateurs.

A recent listing by a luxury travel guide included a hotel that closed in 2014 as one of the best places to stay in Manila.

Was it an old post? Even so, it should have been updated because the beast we call the World Wide Web demands information that is always up-to-date.

Was it nostalgia on the writer’s part or was he not thorough enough?

Were his editors not thorough as well?


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